Sara Liz Photography | Willow!!


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This post has nothing to do with weddings or engagement or anything to do with my brand but has everything to do with me. This is completely personal and some of my favorite images.

My high school best friend had her first baby last year after a very long struggle. I think what I admire most abut her is that she was so public and vulnerable about her journey. She took all of us along with her and we all prayed with her and cried with her, and of course celebrated with her when she finally made it to the finish line and brought Willow into this world. Willow has actually gained the nickname "everyone's baby" because she is! We have all be so emotionally involved with every step of her coming into this world, we all feel like we have a little piece of her.

Willow (and Mark and April) live in Florida and I am way out here in Texas and I missed her whole first year. But I FINALLY made it out to Florida in February for Willow's 1st birthday and I enjoyed every single drop of it. And I of coursed took a billion images. I am so happy I was able to experience Willow's blooming personality in person but also to capture it in images. I hope you can see how amazing she is through these images because she is the best blessing to everyone that knows her.

And now I can't wait to meet her little sibling is due early next year! Yayyyy!!

Enjoy these images of Miss Willow!!


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