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Bechtel or Bust

July 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey guys!!! I am finally blogging this wedding! This couple is about to have their first baby any day now, that's how long ago I shot this wedding!! I am seriously thinking about hiring someone this next year to help me with emails and social media and blogging. Not that this blog post is a job ad but if you know anyone that wants to help me, I pay in pizza, jk!!

Anyways! I totally love this couple! From the first minute I met them and the bride's big smile and super happy demeanor to the groom telling me my work is "alright" and that he could probably shoot better, I immediately loved them!! I seriously can't wait to see their cute baby! (I am also obsessed with their baby name because I also named one of my kids the same name, yay!) 

I want to emphasize how very important it is to meet with your photographer before you hire them. You need to see if you all have chemistry together. Chemistry is everything. When you vibe well together then you work well together and then amazing things happen. I vibed so well with this couple and you can see it in the images. The art that comes with working with people who you have chemistry with is mind boggling! 

See for yo self!!!


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