Sara Liz Photography: Blog en-us Sara Liz Photography (Sara Liz Photography) Sun, 09 Jan 2022 04:02:00 GMT Sun, 09 Jan 2022 04:02:00 GMT Sara Liz Photography: Blog 80 120 All the poppies aligned I photographed this engagement session last year in the poppies. The flowers were beautiful, the couple was gorgeous, everything was perfect. Then covid hit that week and they had to postpone their wedding. I am super excited to photograph it this coming fall, finally, but I am so glad we did this shoot when we did. All the stars (or poppies) aligned for this shoot and it turned out to be one of my favorites! Enjoy!!

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Smiling every minute of the day I have slowly been catching up on my blogging. I have come to the end of regular weddings as we knew them. After this blog, I only have quarantine ceremonies and engagement sessions from here on out!

This wedding was Valentine's weekend last year. After 10 years of dating, and one son, Daniel finally proposed and after a year of planning, Alyssa and Daniel had their dream wedding and boy oh boy was it fun!!!

Not only that, but 2020 turned out to be a great year for this amazing couple. After their beautiful wedding, they bought a house and had another baby (a wedding night baby if I may). So happy for them, they have become some of my favorite people and I could not be happier for them and all their blessings.

Back to their wedding. So much fun. I think we were all smiling every minute of the day. Here are some of my favorite images of the day!!! Enjoy!!

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vows and light sabers Figuring we have been in a pandemic throughout most of the past year, I have been surprisingly busy and I am so grateful!!


This couple was married last year through the court and asked me to photograph their portraits and I loved them! Such a fun couple and they personalized their session with light sabers. How cool is that?!!




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Lydia // la jefa series It has been a while since I blogged a la jefa! I love my la jefa series. I love featuring strong female entrepreneurs!

This wasn't a specific la jefa shoot, these are photos I have taken of Lydia throughout the years. I am surprising her with this blog so I do't have the specifics of her bio but I will do my best from my memory!

Lydia was a young mom and has been amazing mommy since day 1 because her kid is so well behaved and sweet. She met the love of her life...(I actually met her on her wedding day). Then a couple years later, they had another very handsome baby together. Two kids!

During all of this, she was running a small business AND going to school. She had a baby and graduated from college within a few months of each other. Wow wow wow. 

I am most impressed with how much she has grown with her business. She is a photographer. When I met her, she did a lot of family minis, and still does but she now specializes in posed newborn photography and she is AMAZING at it. I am blown away by her talent. She is always sold out months in advance. If you want newborn photos from her, you almost have to book with her as soon as you find out you are expecting.

I am so happy to call Lydia my friend. I was hired by her wedding photographer to help shoot her wedding and Lydia and I zinged when we met. I not only have been photographing her family since, but we have become amazing friends. I can call on Lydia anytime and vice versa. I called in a huge favor one time and she saved my life that day! That is the type of person she is and I am so grateful for her.

Her business name is L and R Photography. You can find her on facebook, instagram, and her website.

Enjoy these photos I have taken of her the past few years!


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a weekend in EP I love listening to people's stories. I am always making random friends and starting up conversations. I just love talking to people.

Alisa messaged me and I love that she did! Her husband was only here in El Paso for a few months for work. She came to visit him one weekend and had messaged me to take photos while she was here. How cute is that?!

I was able to even give them some local restaurant recommendations so they could fully get the El Paso experience.

I love El Paso so much and I love giving out local recommendations. We have the best restaurants and stores. I love our history and culture. I love how nice everyone is wherever you go. I love my city and I love that this adorable couple was able to experience it.

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so sad I really am trying to get better about blogging! So I am going to start catching up on all the shoots I haven't blogged but I loved.

This blog is a little sad actually. I was invited to go shoot at a new venue in Las Cruces last year, They had models and dresses and table setups. They wanted people to know they were there and that's why us photographers were there, to help give visuals to their advertising. 

Unfortunately, this terrible pandemic has caused so many businesses to close down this year and it breaks my heart. 

Blue Door Venue was one of those businesses. I just found out recently that they are closed for good and they were just getting started.

In honor of their hard work, here are the images I took last year. The dressed were provided by Livingstone Bridal in Las Cruces as well.


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Muertos I have been dreaming about this shoot for 3 years. I am so happy that the stars aligned for me to finally execute it. I love creating shoots for myself. It keeps my juices flowing, it satisfies me creatively, and I am able to stay in love with photography.

I hear about photographers that get burnt out and I don't want to experience that. I want to always stay in love with it. Photography is like a marriage. You need to keep dating your camera to stay in love and not get stagnant. I have been shooting for over 20 years and I am still falling in love with it.

(I am also super thankful for all the people throughout the years that blindly trust my vision when I want to create a fun shoot. You all are the real MVPs.)

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A whole baby I am so behind on blogging that this couple has had a whole pregnancy and baby since their wedding!!! (and their baby is freaking cute!)

I had a blast at this wedding. They were the so chill and the most happy couple you could ever ask for. Even though it was raining on their wedding day, they were cool as cucumbers. We walked around downtown for their portraits, even popped into a bar and ordered some appetizers and cocktails. The bride, so enchanting. The wedding party, so entertaining. The reception venue, gorgeous!

I can't wait to get back to weddings. I miss them so much!! I photographed a mini-mony last weekend. I have two weddings coming up in October. And a dozen lined up for 2021. Let's get this party started!!

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Pinterest Lover's Dream! How is everyone surviving quarantine? I am dying for social interaction!!

So in the mean time, I will blog weddings that I had so much fun at! Surrounded by dozens of humans! ( not sure if I even remember what that feels like!)

I usually like to mix up the images when I blog. Have fun with it and surprise you while you scroll. But this wedding was organized, down to the minute, that I thought I should do it justice and blog it chronologically!

This wedding was so much fun and and had several cute elements! Definitely a pinterest lover's dream!!

Thanks to the staff at Scenic View Ballroom for all their help! (this is the same venue that I was married in!)



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Curbside Sessions! Curbside Session!!

I know not everyone is ready to get back to normal and not everyone is ready to even leave their houses yet. So I am offering curbside shoots to capture your family during this weird time in history.

I am offering regular shoots on location as well, but how fun and unique are these curbside sessions?!!

(also how cute is my bestie with her family!)

Let me know if you are interested in booking one of these with me!!

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Creative Craving Since life isn't normal right now, why not blog something that isn't wedding?

I am always working on personal projects that have nothing to do with weddings just to help my creative juices. In the past, it has been ballerinas on pointe, girl gangs, garden nurseries, snow, playing with lights, diners, vitiligo, chico's tacos, swimming pools, and so much more! Anything outside the box makes me so happy!

Last year, I had the best shoot with Audrey. I wanted to display motion through still photography, using flour.

We covered her in flour and then let her skate hoping that when she banked or jumped or anything that the flour would kick up and show motion. The final results weren't quite how I imagined it but I am still super happy with how they came out and the actual shoot was so much fun. Definitely satisfied my creative craving!


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I DO!! Last year, I collaborated on a photo shoot with I DO weddings and events and it was so pretty!

It was at the Botanical Gardens on Doniphan and Cody from I DO provided the model, the dress, and jewelry!

The dress is from White Lace and the boys suit is from The Tux Shop and bride's jewelry is from Cody's personal collection.

The scenery was so so gorgeous I always love the desert as a backdrop!

You can contact I DO for event planning, rentals, etc. at

Thanks for looking!!

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Wedding Guest! It's Valentine's Day and it's full of love!! This couple is so in love!! I shot their engagement session last year and their wedding is coming up NEXT MONTH!! I can't wait because.....the groom is my cousin and I actually get to be a guest! I am so excited! I only get to be a guest to a wedding about 2% of the time!!

But they did rock their engagement session and we had so much fun!! Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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That's all we need! I am literally sitting in the Houston airport waiting for my long layover to pass. I wanted to blog this session before I left but I was busy getting my affairs in order so that my boys that I left be hind would't starve or have to turn their underwear inside out. Also, now I have something to do while I wait for my plane, blog!

I photographed this session a year ago! (I told you all that I am super behind on blogging)

Also their wedding isn't for another year! Yes they booked me two years in advance! How fun is that?! I also felt really special because as soon as they got engaged they knew I was going to be their photographer and they wanted to lock me in. I saw them in the fall and they still haven't booked anything else, or been stressing over it at all. Like "we have each other, we have our photographer, that's all we need." How sweet is that?! I have the best people!!

Their session was so much fun. Like a lot of fun. They are the cutest goofiest couple and I am so excited for their wedding. If their engagement shoot was this much fun then I can only imagine their wedding!


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Super Bowl Sunday It's Super Bowl Sunday! I am not sure about y'all, but it's a sacred holiday in our house.

I had this idea a while back that included sports and a romantic flirtatious shoot. At first, I was thinking basketball, but then my girl Joanna said her and her husband would be down but they would prefer a football shoot and I couldn't have the loved the idea more!!

We finally set up the shoot just in time for the super bowl!! And it was oh so fun!

I love working with this couple They are the best!! They are great in front of the camera. They are great as a couple. They are such a beautiful example of what love is. I was even asking them what their secret was for still loving each other so long after so many years. They said everything is 50/50 for them. They don't stress each other out with things, instead they help each other out all the time with everything. I love it!

Enjoy this awesome gallery and don't forget to mix it up when it comes to your photo shoots. It doesn't have to be traditional or boring. Adding a simple football, skates, video games, etc, can make your photos so unique and fun!


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Popping the question! Last year, I photographed a proposal set up and designed by I do Weddings and Events. It was so enchanting!! The ring was in a box of chocolates, there were roses dripping in faux diamonds, hundreds of candles everywhere. It was breathtaking. 

I love photographing proposals!! And Cody did such a beautiful job setting this one up!

If you are planning on popping the question, then give me or Cody or both of us a call!!

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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn 2020!!

It's just so much fun to say! For two weeks I have been saying it. 2020!

I updated my website today! I have slightly new pricing that goes into effect this week. I had a fun bridal fair this past week. I photographed a fun personal project a couple of days ago. I have so much planned for this year that I am so excited for!

First up! I have my first 2020 wedding exactly one month from today!! So I thought I would blog their engagement photos to get started!! Woot woot

I met this beautiful couple a few years ago, they were pregnant with their son (who shares the same name as my first son) and they were just the cutest!

At the time, they had already been together for 6 years but explained that they didn't need a piece of paper. They didn't have plans for marriage, they were happy and wanted to be like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

I went on to photograph them a few more times over the years, then last year, I saw on instagram that he popped the question!! Her caption was #aboutdamntime!! Hahahahaha!

Later that week, I was honored to receive a call that they wanted me to photograph their wedding and I was so honored to accept. Now the wedding for this couple that has been together for 10 almost 11 years is happening in month and I can not wait!!

Let's do this!!

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400 candles I got a call a couple days after new years if I was available for a last minute proposal and luckily I was because I love capturing proposals!!

Cody lit 400 candles by hand on the rooftop of a downtown El Paso building. It was so gorgeous!!

Aleks had no idea what was about to go down and her reaction was so amazing!!

After we took some candlelit portraits, we took a little stroll through San Jacinto where the city still had thousands of white Christmas lights up. It was the perfect backdrop!!

I am so honored to have been a part of such a magical night!! These images are dark and moody and romantic and so perfect!


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Andy // La Jefa Series Have you heard of my La Jefa Series? Do you know what it is?

It gives female entrepreneurs a chance to have images for their brand. Images for their website, their social media, and helps give a face to their business, their brand.

These are non-traditional head shots. Fun images that really describe your personality and display what you do and offer!

Not only all that, but these special shoots are offered at a super discounted rate of only $99. Always. This price is exclusive for my Las Jefas. I know what it takes to be an entrepreneur and it can take a toll on your finances. I want to be able to help you with visuals for your brand without breaking your probably already broken bank.

I also feature you on my blogs! People get to know who you are and what you do and how to get a hold of you.

This is something I started about 3 years ago and I have met the most amazing women along the way!! I am so blessed to get to do what I do. I love my weddings and my boudoirs but my Jefas hold a special place in my heart. 

Today I am featuring Andy!! Owner of BTTRMLK, which offers custom specialty cakes.

Andy said she has been baking since she can remember. Her dad loves chocolate cakes so she always took it upon herself to bake him his cakes. She was always the one to show up to gatherings with a cake, so much so that everyone started expecting it. She said "I remember one specific cake that got me really excited. It was for my high school's homecoming and I made a football shaped cake covered in chocolate sprinkles. It was so unique! Sprinkled covered cakes became my thing at that point." Sprinkled cakes are definitely her thing!! They are so fun!

In college, she said people started asking her for cakes for family members or co-workers, and she started charging but just enough to break even and it started taking up most of her time. Her husband (then boyfriend) encouraged her to really take it seriously and together they came up with the name BTTRMLK. He helped her immensely with pricing and the back end and her dad helped her financially to get started and she officially launched in 2013. She also took advantage of social media to help advertise her new business, and 6 years later, she says "I'm busier than ever and I love that!"

I personally have followed Andy for a few years which has been so much fun to see all of her beautiful creations. I have ordered 2 cakes from her and they were both beautiful and delicious and I plan to order more.

This shoot was so much fun and SO Andy! From wearing Vans with her dress to sitting cross legged on her kitchen counter, it was so uniquely her and we both had a blast!!  We are already working on shoot #2 and I can't wait!

You can find her on instagram at @bttrmlk_ or you can email her at

Now, enjoy these beautiful fun photos from our fun, in home, cake shoot! 



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Gooey goodness Strap in. This is a big one!!

This was my last wedding of 2018 and might be one of my favorites! It was such a good day. Everything went right. No stress. No time crunch. Everyone was happy and feeling good. It was everything I could ever ask for in a wedding. Including lots of goofs and bloopers along with gooey goodness and sexiness and happy tears and love. So delicious!!

I usually like to mix up my layout and bounce around but I decided to keep this in chronological order because the flow is just so beautiful.

I loved this wedding. I love this family. I love this blog post. Enjoy!!!

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Tap Nachos I am so behind on bogging. This engagement session was almost a year ago!! But I promise to be better!! Be prepared for blogs all week!

One of my oldest bestest goofiest friends found the love of his life and she is equally as awesome!!!

Carlos and Christa got married last fall in Houston and just before they tied the knot, they came back to EP for a quick trip and I snapped a couple goodies for them then they bought me tap nachos. Best night ever!!!

I have the coolest friends and it makes me so happy to see them happy!

Enjoy!! Also check out Christa's gorgeous freckles!

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bump, bump the jam Hey all!!

I have been frustrated lately with a few things like social media rules and what not so I needed to get away from all that and do something different. 

This is not boudoir, this is not wedding, this is my creativity juices flowing at it's best. B&K hired me to do their engagement, their wedding, their 1 year anniversary and now their baby bump. What I have always loved about this couple is that they let me have complete creative control. And every single shoot with them has been my favorite shoot ever. And you know why? Because I get to do what I want. When you let the artist do their thing, you get something amazing every time. Guaranteed. And that goes for any industry. Tattoo artists will always give you something amazing if you give them an idea to run with rather than a copy and paste tattoo. Hair dressers will give you a bomb haircut if you give them very little guidelines. You will always get so much more than you can ever imagine if you let go and let the artist have fun.

I don't blog maternity sessions but this session was so good for my soul and so therapeutic. I really needed this. I loved shooting in the greenhouse and all the shadows and moods and looks. It was so much better than I ever imagined. This shoot gave me so much life. I would love to shoot more images like this. Message me if you need something like this in your life.

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Delores // La Jefa Series I don't know about y'all but I will never get tired of my #LaJefaSeries!! So many amazing come my way for an amazing experience to help promote their brand and wh they are and I am touched and energized and inspired with every single one of them!!!

Delores in particular was especially amazing. Her soul is so sweet and we immediately zinged!!

She first hired me for a fitness shoot. She had just competed in a competition and wanted to have photographs of her elite physical state while it was at it's ultimate prime. Not only did she completely rock her shoot but she just really impacted me with her story and her vibe and her outlook on life. I had so much fun with her!

During the shoot she started talking about her brand and her business so of course I slipped it in there that I have a super discounted photo shoot available to female entrepreneurs to help put visuals to their brand and also gives them a place in my blog. Her eyes sparkled immediately and if I remember correctly, we set up a #lajefaseries shoot date right then and there. Did not waste any time. 

Now normally I summarize in my own words BUT Delores wrote out it out so amazingly that I think I will just quote her directly!! 



I’m an integrative fitness coach who helps women of any age achieve the body of their dreams. As a first-time physique competitor at age 52, I won six trophies. More importantly, I won the battle against depression and I stopped hiding in my home and feeling invisible in my life.

When I entered the competition, I was newly divorced. My kids were on the way out of the nest. I hadn’t feel great for a very long time, but no one was very surprised about that. Everyone chalked it up to the fact that my father committed suicide when I was young. I didn’t know exactly what the problem was, but I did know something was missing from my life.

When I entered the competition, I wanted to do well, so I hired a coach to help me. And then I proceeded to tweak the diet program he gave me, because I knew I could come up with something that would work better for me. I also did the same thing with the training plan. But I never told him about these modifications. Why didn’t I discuss these changes with the coach? And why did I think I could do better? Because I am an AFAA-certified personal trainer and a retired university professor of nutrition. Maybe you can see what I was missing. It is so obvious now! What was missing from my life was ME! My voice. My confidence in my skills. My opinions. I had no trust in myself and what I knew. I was invisible even to myself.

I help women come out of hiding and embrace their own voice and power and true visibility. We start with the work in the gym and in the kitchen, uncovering the body of their dreams. All the while, using my skills as a Certified Life Coach, we work with their beautiful minds to ensure that old identities are retrained to support their new dream bodies. My clients find their voice, their beauty, their strength and power. They find themselves, and ultimately the life they have always wanted, emerging from half-lived, disconnected lives into full bloom.


My business as an integrative fitness coach

To share a path to true empowerment and happiness with women who are hiding in their lives and not living to the fullest, often walking around in bodies that are not their dream bodies

My passion is to grow, challenge myself through goals and adventures, love life, love my people, and to be happy. My passion for myself is to be truly happy deep inside. After 30 years of struggling with depression, you can understand why that’s my “passion”. To live life fully!


I was honored to teach nutrition-related courses at NMSU and DACC for 20 years. I loved my career. But felt I was not making “the impact” I had originally wanted to make with teaching nutrition. My students were learning information, but they were not making changes. Something was missing in my passion as a health educator.

I then started a side gig as a certified personal trainer and loved that. I felt I was making more of an impact as a health educator . . . my clients were actually making changes in their fitness level. But yet something was still missing.

I then discovered the emerging field of mindset management as a Certified Life Coach. This was the change agent that has taken my passion as a health educator to a new level of effectiveness. I can coach my clients into thinking and experiencing their lives in a whole new way, a more successful way. A happier way. And is long lasting. Life Coaching is empowering and self-perpetuating. So now when I teach nutrition and train my clients, they get an ultra-effective impact for true, deep change that creates a mindset of success. This is my passion . . . to share what I experienced in my journey, my successes and obstacles, and my current level of pure happiness. indeed, true happiness. That’s what I wanted to do all along! It’s the best “health educator” that I could ever be!

WHAT I DO . . .

As an integrative fitness coach, I work on three components (the trifecta) of my clients fitness goals which usually include weight loss:

Physical aspect in the gym (I am an AFAA-certified personal trainer)

Nutritional aspect (I am a former university professor in nutrition, plus a Certified Weight Loss Coach)

Mindset aspect (I am a Certified Life Coach. I coach my clients to examine attitudes and personal beliefs (aka mindset) which are holding them back from being successful in attaining their goals. This is the magic sauce! This is what makes the nutrition and training plans ultra-effective in creating long lasting life changes. And that’s what my clients want . . . .changes that are permanent, new ways of living.)

I have clients both locally (Scottsdale AZ) and online. My package includes a

personalized training and nutrition plan, and weekly personal coaching calls."

Contact info. FB Delores Garcia Coaching

IG delores.garcia.1216

Text 915-731-9147


Here are the images from her #lajefaseries shoot

And because her fitness shoot is so fitting with her brand, we decided to include those images as well. Not to mention they are GORGEOUS photos!!! So here you go!! 

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Dope Magic This such a dope shoot!!! I think my favorite portrait shoot of 2018!

It was actually an anniversary shoot but I treated it like an engagement shoot. This couple have been married for several years, have small children, and really wanted to step away from being parents for a day and just celebrate themselves and I am pretty sure I delivered it. They were able to cuddle and make out and not have any tiny humans interrupt. I actually didn't do much posing, I just walked around with them and let them create their own magic and it was...well, magical!!

I was s happy to hear that after the shoot they had dinner reservations and rented a hotel room for the night. I was so excited and happy for them!! I think it is so important for couples to remember that they are more than just parents, they are also lovers!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your magical night. Thank you to all of my dope couples who let me inside their bubbles and let me show them how sexy they are together. My favorite thing to hear at the beginning of a shoot is that they are awkward and goofy, and I love to to remind them of how sexy they are together!!


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Sandra // La Jefa Series It has been a minute since I blogged a La Jefa!! So long so that I feel I need to explain again what it is!!

My La Jefa series is a project I started to photograph local female entrepreneurs. In any field!! I take their photos for a SUPER discounted price and then feature them on my blog. I do this for TWO reasons. One, so that they can have very very affordable portraits for their business website, social media, promotions, whatever they might need photos for. And two, they can also get a little more exposure to all of you that follow me.

Today I am featuring Sandra from Sandra Pinon Jewelry. I needed some jewelry repaired and a friend recommended her to me and she was able to do the repairs and we started talking photos and boom, we scheduled a La Jefa shoot!! I have since also purchased a beautiful ring for my mother in law which she loves and I can't wait to purchase more beautiful jewelry in the future. But let me tell you her story!!

17 years ago, Sandra found out that her 3 year old son had Fragile X syndrome. After 2 years of grieving and finding help and services for her son, she discovered her love for creating jewelry. At first she used Swarovski and beads and experimented and used wire and other methods. After a few years, she was very interested in learning metal smithing, and so after an inspirational trip to Albuquerque, she began to teach herself.

Sandra says "Creating jewelry became a therapeutic outlet after discovering my son has a lifelong disability. From that sad moment in my life, came my love for jewelry design and craftsmanship." She hand makes each design and each piece is individually fashioned with attention to detail. She maneuvers metals and sets each stone, all herself, all with love and passion for what she does. "My customers appreciate the quality of workmanship. I strive to provide them pieces they will treasure for a lifetime and perhaps pass down to the next generation."

You can find Sandra set up most weeks at the Downtown Farmers Markets on Saturdays and the Upper Valley Artist's Market on Sundays.

She is also on Instagram and Facebook and Etsy all under Sandra Pinon Jewelry.



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Roary the mascot and a hotel hot tub This is going to be a fun blog post!!! When I was a LOT younger, I worked at Red Lobster with this super fun girl. I was just barely starting out in photography. She believed in me so much that she said when got married (she was single at the time) that she wanted me to photograph her wedding. 

Fast-forward 10 years and she's living in Michigan and She's engaged and she calls me and says she wants to fly me up and photograph her wedding!!! How incredibly sweet!!

I flew up in September and had an amazing weekend visiting old friends, sitting in the hotel hot tub with the bridal party, and photographing a beautiful wedding for a beautiful friend. 

One of the best parts of the wedding is the bride got Roary, the mascot for the Detroit Lions, to come to the wedding reception to surprise her new husband!! And he was a riot!! He was so entertaining!! 

Other highlights include sports inspired decor, crying, running through traffic, the bride's son falling asleep, and...Rachel. I think after looking at the dancing pictures you will figure out who she is hahaha!!

I am so grateful and blessed to be friends with Brandi for so many years and for her to believe in and support me for so long! Love you girl!! And I wish you and Derek a lifetime of happiness and joy!!


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Mon, 25 Mar 2019 19:54:51 GMT
Girl Gang I don't know about you but I am a firm believer in a girl gang. I am nothing without my girlfriends. I am a girl's girl without a doubt. 

I have SEVERAL girlfriends that I rely on and text and facetime very regularly. Anywhere between 20-25 girls are on my regular communication list. And I can always make room for more!!

I need a regular dose of estrogen in my life or I go crazy. I know some girls can stay home with their husband or kids every single night of their lives and I am so not one of them. (Don't get me wrong, I adore my family and love all the time I do get with them, but I need a break every once in a while).

I believe girls should have each other's backs and support each other and just be there for each other. I know I have made wrong decisions in my life before and my girls were there for me despite knowing the entire time what I was doing was wrong. I think we should constantly lift each other up. "Love that shirt, is it new?" "Your makeup is gorgeous today" "Those sweats look so comfortable" (heehee)

I think girlfriends should be supportive but also genuine. No one has time for fake compliments or fake relationships. Be real with your girls. If you're tired, say it. If you're upset with your girlfriend, tell her why and work it out, or give it space, but don't fake being happy with her. If you really like her shirt, say it. but if she asks and her shirt is ugly, then tell her she needs to put something else on.  

If girls can't support and encourage each other and rely on each other, then who else do we have? Yes, of course our families will be there for us (most of them time), but sometimes we need more than that. I do.

Because I believe in girl gangs so much, and I have had my share of GREAT girlfriends (and a few bad ones), I really wanted to do a personal project and make a visual of girlfriends. I got 8 very different girls from very different backgrounds to help me represent an authentic girl gang. Because girls come in all different flavors and I know that is what makes my personal girl gang so much fun is that we are all so different.

Some of the girls that showed up are white, black asian, hispanic, bald, skinny, curvy, gothic, artsy, straight, lesbian, country, rocker, athletic, sultry.

All amazing. All beautiful. All so much fun.

We had blast during our quick one hour photo shoot and laughed the whole time. And I felt so creatively full and estrogen satisfied by the end.

Thank you to all the girls that showed up. Thank you for helping my vision come to life. Thank you for being you.

Now go text your girl gang how much you love them!!!

(Sara Liz Photography) Wed, 20 Feb 2019 16:15:07 GMT
Broke some vases!!! I haven't blogged in a minute and with everyone getting engaged over all the holidays and I thought I should throw some wedding photos up!

This wedding was one of the first weddings I had booked for 2018. Immediately I loved this cute little couple! They were the definition of head over heels in love! 

Such an amazing day! Went off without a hitch. And everyone had so much fun, I got so many amazing dancing pictures. People danced so hard they actually broke some vases!!!

I am also loving this barber shop trend. I think all my grooms should go to the barber shop for pics! This groom went to Glory Road Barber shop at Montecillo. The bride got ready at her hotel with the Traveling Beauty Duo doing her hair and makeup. The reception took place at the gorgeous Grace Gardens event ballroom.

I also love how things work out just right and just in the nick of time. We managed to find an extremely generous land owner who let us take photos on his property. Usually I find people who are not so polite and generous at all. Then it started to rain right when we needed to take formal portraits and this land owner let us go under his car port and get dry photos. Yayyyy!

And last but not least, thanks to my second shooter Daniela for being the best! She is always a lot of fun and extremely talented and also takes initiative when I am busy and gets the job done. Looove her! 

All in all, it was such a fun day and we all had a blast thanks to such a fun bride and groom.

When you hire me to photograph your wedding, you get all of me. I am fun and exciting and bring out all the fun in your wedding and I am able to get a million amazing photos throughout your wedding day because of my personality. And you get all the photos I shoot. Every wedding. All the photos. Message me on my contact page if you want more information on capturing YOUR wedding!!!


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Fri, 15 Feb 2019 16:02:12 GMT
M&M You guys!!

This was such a great wedding!!

SO good that I had a really hard time selecting which images to blog. I always blog my personal favorite images but I had so many from this wedding!! Lucky for you guys, you get to see a BUNCH of images from this wedding!

Mary and Miguel were so chill and relaxed, it completely set the mood for romance. It also gave them plenty of room to have a great time at the reception. (see images below)

I was also super impressed that they planned this whole wedding from a distance because they don't actually live in El Paso! Instead they had the help from I Do Weddings and Events to plan their gorgeous wedding and it came out beautifully! The ceremony was at Our Lady of Guadalupe which is such a beautiful church, and then the reception was at Painted Dunes golf course.

Instantly one of my favorite weddings!! I love that Mary and Miguel gave me so much creative freedom and let me shoot whatever and I was able to completely rock their wedding images! I'll stop talking and let the images talk for themselves!


(Sara Liz Photography) Sat, 29 Dec 2018 02:08:00 GMT
Zinged! Sometimes you meet people and you just zing. 

I definitely zinged with these two!!

I have had a long year. Personally. And getting to make incredible magic with amazing people just made my little heart so happy. It was exactly what I needed. I love this job. I really do. Especially this past year, my work has been my therapy, my outlet, what got me through the week. Thank you to all my amazing clients who shined their gorgeous lights on my life this year, You helped me in a way you might not have even realized. 


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Mon, 05 Nov 2018 22:27:15 GMT
Golden/Gorgeous/Goofy I just turned in this beautiful couple's wedding gallery so I wanted to go ahead and  blog their engagement session. Which was honestly one of my engagement session of 2018!!

They planned their entire wedding from out of town and I was so impressed. They came into town very shortly before their wedding date so this was honestly the closest to a wedding that I have ever shot an engagement session.

We went downtown and we had the most perfect golden light and her outfit was gorgeous and he was funny and goofy. It was so much fun. Gave me a perfect preview of how awesome their wedding was going to be (which it was and I can't wait to blog those images either! stay tuned!)

I hope these pretty pictures and gorgeous smiles makes your Monday better. ENJOY!!!


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Mon, 22 Oct 2018 16:25:08 GMT
A Chico's Tacos wedding reception Allison emailed me with the best story. Her and her boyfriend were not living in El Paso  anymore but they met in El Paso and wanted to get married in El Paso and have their marriage license to say El Paso. So they traveled to El Paso just to elope.

She talked about wanting to have "El Paso" style portraits after they eloped and we brought up Chico's Tacos and how we could include it in the portraits and I immediately knew they were my people.

I had such a blast with them and I am so happy I got to meet them and take part in their special day. They were the nicest, most down to earth people you could meet.

I also love courthouse elopements and El Paso and Chico's Tacos. It was a winning combination!!

(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Mon, 08 Oct 2018 02:18:46 GMT
Ounces of happy I am so excited about this blog because this time, the gorgeous bride is my aunt!! 

She started dating a an amazing man that treats her like a queen and when they got engaged we couldn't have been any more happy for her!!! He makes her so happy and she deserves every ounce that he gives her.

Their wedding was this summer, in the middle of beautiful downtown El Paso, next to the Plaza, under the stars, it was gorgeous!!!

I had a blast capturing her whole wedding day. It was also my birthday weekend so being such a big part of her special day was so perfect!!

Congratulations again to my beautiful aunt and her amazing new husband! Cheers to a prosperous and happy life together! I send you all my love! I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them. xoxo

(Sara Liz Photography) Thu, 27 Sep 2018 21:24:53 GMT
This is who I am. How I was meant to be.  

You guys!! I have been so excited to blog this session, you have no idea! I love to work on personal projects and I always have something completely different up my sleeve.

A few months back, I got the itch to meet someone with vitiligo and ask them questions and photograph the beauty of their skin. I put it out there in the world and someone replied pretty quickly! I was so excited!!!

When I met Lorena, thought she was gorgeous immediately!!! I ended up totally clicking with her personality, we vibed well, she is just an awesome down to earth, amazing woman. 

I could write all day long about how gorgeous I think she is inside and out but I decided to ask her for her side of the story, and how she feels about her skin. She wrote me back and I would rather quote her directly. 

Here's what she wrote: "Started when I was 14. A tiny spot on my right thumb. I was hoping it was just sun spots. I was devastated when the dermatologist told me it was vitiligo aka the Michael Jackson disease. The doc said it would continue to progress and I was in denial. I remember being a little girl and being mesmerized by people with vitiligo but not in a positive way. So knowing I would be like that was hard to swallow. I've tried many treatments; rx creams, sitting out in the sun with placenta on the non pigmented spots, rattlesnake skin, teas, herbs, etc. Nothing has worked. I have a difficult relationship with the disease. I was embarrassed. I would go on dates and sit on my hands, dreading the moment my date would ask 'what's that on your hands?' or 'why are your hands like that?' It has progressed immensely as the years have gone by, but I have learned to accept it now. This is who I am. How I was meant to be. Vitiligo has certainly humbled me. The disease has shown me what it is to be different."


Isn't she amazing?!!


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography Thu, 20 Sep 2018 01:06:31 GMT
A HOOT! I only have one wedding left this year and I am so excited about this one coming up!! Celina and Alexis are a blast!! I shot Celina's brother's wedding last year and the family was a hoot!! I can't wait for this one! 

Celina and Alexis were amazing at their engagement shoot! We got to explore downtown El Paso which is always a favorite of mine!

I have had such an amazing 2018!! So many amazing brides! I can't wait to see who I get to meet and work with  and become friends with next year!! (YES I become friends with all my brides. I just went to go watch Bring It On at the movies with one of my past brides, you are all apart of my life forever!! haha!) 


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Sat, 15 Sep 2018 14:41:08 GMT
Meet me in El Paso!! My first wedding of the 2018 was a courthouse elopement. I have done two this year and I will blog the second one soon!! But first, let's check out this one!!

He was momentarily stationed here, she was in in California, and they wanted to get married! So she flew in right when he got to EP, they went to the courthouse, and then she had to fly back to California for school.

Now that's romantic!!!

They have been together for several years already and knew each other inside and out but they finally decided one day, let's do this!! So they emailed me, I met up with them, and it was such a beautiful tiny ceremony and we had the most fun with portraits after.

I loved her old soul and he had us giggling throughout the pictures. And I will say that he did his research because he took her to Cafe Central for dinner after hoping that it was as romantic as the internet said it was. I told him it was a great choice for a wedding reception for two!!


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Thu, 30 Aug 2018 23:20:39 GMT
Romance and Smiles Tomorrow is Monse and Joshua's big wedding day!!! Yayyyy! I fell in love with them the second I met them! Joshua is one of the most romantic guys I have ever met and Monse is all smiles all the time! They are so sweet together. 

I also had the pleasure of photographing the night they got engaged! It was so awesome! He rented an entire theater. Filled it with all their friends and family and then played the cutest slideshow and surprised her and got down on one knee!

I can't wait for tomorrow!! It is going to be so beautiful and fun!!!


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Fri, 17 Aug 2018 23:48:08 GMT
Irma // La Jefa Series I absolutely love my La Jefa Series. In case you don't know what it is, let me tell you!!

It is a girl boss branding session. If you are a female and you are an entrepreneur or run your own company or you are your own boss, then this is for you!! It is a completely affordable (like less than half the price of my regular sessions) and super fun! It gives me an opportunity to meet and help out local girl bosses with images for their brand, their website, their facebook, whatever they need images for. It also gives the girl boss a chance to share her story here in my blog! Yayyy! 

Meet Irma!! She is Rodan+Fields consultant.

She is born and raised in good ol EP, she went to UTEP and played volleyball, and now she is a stay at home mommy to 2 small kids. 

Usually I blog the la jefa story in my own words but Irma wrote out her story so perfectly so I will just let her tell her own story...

"I came across Rodan + Fields while “exploring” through Instagram posts. I particularly paid close attention to those from my Sponsor, who happens to be the sister of a former volleyball teammate from UTEP. It completely caught my eye and I love everything she was representing I knew then this business was for me, but I sidelined myself and watched her grow for four months.
At the time I was looking for something to call “mine.” Speaking from a stay at home mother’s point of view, I felt like I had lost my identity. The only role I knew was that of a mother, which I love and is my absolute favorite. However, I’m almost certain that I had let go of my role as a wife and friend. My husband insisted that I invest in something for myself. I knew who I wanted to be, just didn’t know how I would get there without sacrificing my time with my children. Fast forward a few months I began my journey with Rodan + Fields. This company appealed to me because I realized it embodied everything I was lacking. I think personal development, empowerment and the rich community of successful business women and men have been my favorite part of this journey. I’m inspired daily by all the like minded people who are determined to create their own future. The best part is I get to build my dream from a smartphone without sacrificing my children’s time. I’m working towards being a role model to my children, by proving that you can be anything you set your mind to. This business has also opened the door to new commonalities between my husband and I. We have new goals, ideas, and dilemmas to communicate about. In two years both my children will then be enrolled as full-time students and at that point I will launch my next business venture. I’m certain that you will see a sneak preview in 2019, the name is set, logos are in the works and the best is yet to come."

You can reach Irma at irma or (915) 996-3771 or on IG @ilblanco4

Enjoy these gorgeous images of Irma-



(Sara Liz Photography) boss babe el paso photographer el paso photography female entrepreneur la jefa series lady boss Thu, 16 Aug 2018 00:37:46 GMT
No Hoopla I love it when my friends ask me to capture their super special moments.

My friend married the love of her life a few years ago through a JP and since then have had a couple of gorgeous kid but they really desired to be married in front of God in church. It was so important to them that they didn't really invite anyone. It was literally their parents and siblings and one best friend each. That's it! They didn't want a wedding and a reception and a registry all that hoopla, just to be married in front of God. How amazing is that???

So of course it was such a sweet emotional little ceremony and I cried while I was shooting. But I feel so incredibly blessed and honored to have been played a part in this amazing event for them.

This is why I love my job so much!!

Enjoy these images from the smallest and most emotional wedding I have ever photographed.


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Sat, 11 Aug 2018 18:51:35 GMT
Willow!! This post has nothing to do with weddings or engagement or anything to do with my brand but has everything to do with me. This is completely personal and some of my favorite images.

My high school best friend had her first baby last year after a very long struggle. I think what I admire most abut her is that she was so public and vulnerable about her journey. She took all of us along with her and we all prayed with her and cried with her, and of course celebrated with her when she finally made it to the finish line and brought Willow into this world. Willow has actually gained the nickname "everyone's baby" because she is! We have all be so emotionally involved with every step of her coming into this world, we all feel like we have a little piece of her.

Willow (and Mark and April) live in Florida and I am way out here in Texas and I missed her whole first year. But I FINALLY made it out to Florida in February for Willow's 1st birthday and I enjoyed every single drop of it. And I of coursed took a billion images. I am so happy I was able to experience Willow's blooming personality in person but also to capture it in images. I hope you can see how amazing she is through these images because she is the best blessing to everyone that knows her.

And now I can't wait to meet her little sibling is due early next year! Yayyyy!!

Enjoy these images of Miss Willow!!

(Sara Liz Photography) Tue, 07 Aug 2018 21:20:12 GMT
Bechtel or Bust Hey guys!!! I am finally blogging this wedding! This couple is about to have their first baby any day now, that's how long ago I shot this wedding!! I am seriously thinking about hiring someone this next year to help me with emails and social media and blogging. Not that this blog post is a job ad but if you know anyone that wants to help me, I pay in pizza, jk!!

Anyways! I totally love this couple! From the first minute I met them and the bride's big smile and super happy demeanor to the groom telling me my work is "alright" and that he could probably shoot better, I immediately loved them!! I seriously can't wait to see their cute baby! (I am also obsessed with their baby name because I also named one of my kids the same name, yay!) 

I want to emphasize how very important it is to meet with your photographer before you hire them. You need to see if you all have chemistry together. Chemistry is everything. When you vibe well together then you work well together and then amazing things happen. I vibed so well with this couple and you can see it in the images. The art that comes with working with people who you have chemistry with is mind boggling! 

See for yo self!!!

(Sara Liz Photography) 150 sunset el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Fri, 20 Jul 2018 14:45:39 GMT
Butter on warm pancakes I have been wanting to photograph a mixed for the LONGEST time!!! And I guess good things come to those that wait because I was handed the best couple ever!! They were a photographer's dream!! Super sexy, and cuddly, and fun, and just down for whatever I wanted to shoot. It was a blast!! I will take go-with-the-flow couples any day! Send them all to me! Anyways, I'll stop talking now so you can see the goodness for yourself. Like butter on warm pancakes, mmmmm.

(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Tue, 12 Jun 2018 00:06:39 GMT
Under Pressure Hey all!! So I was talking with a friend the other day and she just inspired me to write a blog! Yay!! Here goes!

I feel like most of my photography career I was peer pressured to fit a certain mold or shape. I HAD to offer packages, I HAD to charge per hour hour, I HAD to charge outrageous amounts for digitals, and I was never happy and my clients were never happy. I had a good one on one talk with my mentor who dived deep into my business and really analyzed it and heard me and what I wanted and what I hated that I was doing, what I was feeling pressured to do, and she said the best thing ever to me. She told me that my photography business was my business and I can do whatever I want with it. That I can make whatever packages and prices and hours that I want. She told me to also shoot what I wanted and soon my clients would start wanting what I want in images, and you know? That is exactly what happened. I completely stripped all my social media and and website of everything I didn't like. I only put up images that I was deeply in love with. I trashed all of my packages. Now I offer only what I want I want, I offer unlimited digital images, unlimited hours, I got rid of prints, I only offer albums, I shoot images that I want, places I want, I have more control of the wedding day timeline to ensure beautiful light and plenty of time for the most amazing wedding portraits ever. And because I completely took control of my business and I started doing what I want, people started wanting to work with me more and wanting what I wanted!! What my mentor said to me was true! The year after I "cleansed" I booked more weddings than ever!!! It was amazing. What's the phrase the kids are saying these days? "I am living my best life" I am still can't believe that I am doing exactly what I love and what I want and I am getting paid for it! And my clients are loving their images so much!! And because I feel comfortable and free to shoot what I want, then that gives me the freedom to put my heart and passion into their wedding images and then I can produce my absolute best images!!! It's a win win! I am loving what I am shooting and producing and my clients are loving their images! Last year, I had a wedding where the bride and groom gave me TONS of time and absolute complete freedom on locations and it ended up being one of my all time favorite weddings, and they completely LOVED all their images. I am still seeing both of them posting wedding pictures on their social media still almost a year later.

This wedding, that I am blogging today, I LOVED!!! This was another couple that gave me all kinds of freedom and I had such a blast with them. The couple was so much fun and I vibed with them so well. The bride is still my home girl and I don't plan on letting go of her, she's a tacos before vatos type of chick. Their wedding day pumped the best 90's hip hop, their flower girl was a dog, they took a portrait with a turtle, I mean what more can you ask for?

Thanks to Gabbi at 150 Sunset for putting on such a beautiful wedding to go along with all the hilarious fun! Congrats to Brittany and Tyler for getting married and picking me as your photographer and becoming some of my favorite humans! 

Also, side note for potential couples, if you choose me as your wedding photographer, expect to become my friend because I end up falling in love with all my couples because you guys are the coolest people on the planet!


(Sara Liz Photography) 150 sunset el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Tue, 29 May 2018 23:37:16 GMT
The wobble and Selena medleys I had so much fun shooting this wedding!!! Besides the fact that it was my cousin's wedding, there was so much great dancing! To me, the best weddings have full and crazy dance floors. Everyone having a great time, the dj playing the best songs, everyone crammed together doing line dances but getting all the moves wrong. That to me is a great wedding. And it helped that at this wedding, I knew everyone and I could take embarrassing pictures of them that I could show them later, heehee! My favorite is the wobble. I could dance the wobble all day every day! I also love for the Selena medley. There is a Selena medley at every wedding and I always dance the washing machine. When brides are considering hiring me, I always mention that I am not a stand-on-the-wall type of photographer. I WILL dance the wobble with them at their reception. I love my job and I love having so much fun at weddings and capturing everyone having a blast! So if you're getting married and you want a talented and FUN wedding photographer then look no further!!


(Sara Liz Photography) el paso photographer el paso photography el paso wedding photographer el paso wedding photography el paso weddings Tue, 17 Apr 2018 02:06:09 GMT
Oooooze This blog is oozing with delicious goodness!!! This wedding had all kinds of magic. Some couples can just pick each other's noses and it looks like art! That was totally brittny and kris. I mean they didn't literally do that but they could have and it would have been beautiful. It is so nice to be able to create beautiful imagery with people that just clique, vibe, fleek, whatever the new cool word is. This wedding was so natural and flowing and heavenly. These two gorgeous humans gave me so much artistic freedom, it was a creative's dream come true. They gave me endless amounts of time. Told me to pick anywhere in the world to shoot portraits. I mean just mountains of everything I want in a wedding. They let me pull them away from their guests all night long for a quick shot and then back they went until I found something else that was fun to shoot. I didn't want the day to end!! And because they gave me this kind of freedom, they ended up with HUNDREDS of spectacular images. So take note future brides. Give your photographer more than 15 minutes out f the day and they will deliver so so so so so so so much. Brittny and kris's gallery was the biggest gallery I have ever delivered to date. It would probably take THREE wedding albums to fit everything that I captured. So here is a small sample. Take a look!!