Sara Liz Photography | The wobble and Selena medleys

The wobble and Selena medleys

April 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had so much fun shooting this wedding!!! Besides the fact that it was my cousin's wedding, there was so much great dancing! To me, the best weddings have full and crazy dance floors. Everyone having a great time, the dj playing the best songs, everyone crammed together doing line dances but getting all the moves wrong. That to me is a great wedding. And it helped that at this wedding, I knew everyone and I could take embarrassing pictures of them that I could show them later, heehee! My favorite is the wobble. I could dance the wobble all day every day! I also love for the Selena medley. There is a Selena medley at every wedding and I always dance the washing machine. When brides are considering hiring me, I always mention that I am not a stand-on-the-wall type of photographer. I WILL dance the wobble with them at their reception. I love my job and I love having so much fun at weddings and capturing everyone having a blast! So if you're getting married and you want a talented and FUN wedding photographer then look no further!!



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