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February 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

This blog is oozing with delicious goodness!!! This wedding had all kinds of magic. Some couples can just pick each other's noses and it looks like art! That was totally brittny and kris. I mean they didn't literally do that but they could have and it would have been beautiful. It is so nice to be able to create beautiful imagery with people that just clique, vibe, fleek, whatever the new cool word is. This wedding was so natural and flowing and heavenly. These two gorgeous humans gave me so much artistic freedom, it was a creative's dream come true. They gave me endless amounts of time. Told me to pick anywhere in the world to shoot portraits. I mean just mountains of everything I want in a wedding. They let me pull them away from their guests all night long for a quick shot and then back they went until I found something else that was fun to shoot. I didn't want the day to end!! And because they gave me this kind of freedom, they ended up with HUNDREDS of spectacular images. So take note future brides. Give your photographer more than 15 minutes out f the day and they will deliver so so so so so so so much. Brittny and kris's gallery was the biggest gallery I have ever delivered to date. It would probably take THREE wedding albums to fit everything that I captured. So here is a small sample. Take a look!! 



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