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I don't know about y'all but I will never get tired of my #LaJefaSeries!! So many amazing come my way for an amazing experience to help promote their brand and wh they are and I am touched and energized and inspired with every single one of them!!!

Delores in particular was especially amazing. Her soul is so sweet and we immediately zinged!!

She first hired me for a fitness shoot. She had just competed in a competition and wanted to have photographs of her elite physical state while it was at it's ultimate prime. Not only did she completely rock her shoot but she just really impacted me with her story and her vibe and her outlook on life. I had so much fun with her!

During the shoot she started talking about her brand and her business so of course I slipped it in there that I have a super discounted photo shoot available to female entrepreneurs to help put visuals to their brand and also gives them a place in my blog. Her eyes sparkled immediately and if I remember correctly, we set up a #lajefaseries shoot date right then and there. Did not waste any time. 

Now normally I summarize in my own words BUT Delores wrote out it out so amazingly that I think I will just quote her directly!! 



I’m an integrative fitness coach who helps women of any age achieve the body of their dreams. As a first-time physique competitor at age 52, I won six trophies. More importantly, I won the battle against depression and I stopped hiding in my home and feeling invisible in my life.

When I entered the competition, I was newly divorced. My kids were on the way out of the nest. I hadn’t feel great for a very long time, but no one was very surprised about that. Everyone chalked it up to the fact that my father committed suicide when I was young. I didn’t know exactly what the problem was, but I did know something was missing from my life.

When I entered the competition, I wanted to do well, so I hired a coach to help me. And then I proceeded to tweak the diet program he gave me, because I knew I could come up with something that would work better for me. I also did the same thing with the training plan. But I never told him about these modifications. Why didn’t I discuss these changes with the coach? And why did I think I could do better? Because I am an AFAA-certified personal trainer and a retired university professor of nutrition. Maybe you can see what I was missing. It is so obvious now! What was missing from my life was ME! My voice. My confidence in my skills. My opinions. I had no trust in myself and what I knew. I was invisible even to myself.

I help women come out of hiding and embrace their own voice and power and true visibility. We start with the work in the gym and in the kitchen, uncovering the body of their dreams. All the while, using my skills as a Certified Life Coach, we work with their beautiful minds to ensure that old identities are retrained to support their new dream bodies. My clients find their voice, their beauty, their strength and power. They find themselves, and ultimately the life they have always wanted, emerging from half-lived, disconnected lives into full bloom.


My business as an integrative fitness coach

To share a path to true empowerment and happiness with women who are hiding in their lives and not living to the fullest, often walking around in bodies that are not their dream bodies

My passion is to grow, challenge myself through goals and adventures, love life, love my people, and to be happy. My passion for myself is to be truly happy deep inside. After 30 years of struggling with depression, you can understand why that’s my “passion”. To live life fully!


I was honored to teach nutrition-related courses at NMSU and DACC for 20 years. I loved my career. But felt I was not making “the impact” I had originally wanted to make with teaching nutrition. My students were learning information, but they were not making changes. Something was missing in my passion as a health educator.

I then started a side gig as a certified personal trainer and loved that. I felt I was making more of an impact as a health educator . . . my clients were actually making changes in their fitness level. But yet something was still missing.

I then discovered the emerging field of mindset management as a Certified Life Coach. This was the change agent that has taken my passion as a health educator to a new level of effectiveness. I can coach my clients into thinking and experiencing their lives in a whole new way, a more successful way. A happier way. And is long lasting. Life Coaching is empowering and self-perpetuating. So now when I teach nutrition and train my clients, they get an ultra-effective impact for true, deep change that creates a mindset of success. This is my passion . . . to share what I experienced in my journey, my successes and obstacles, and my current level of pure happiness. indeed, true happiness. That’s what I wanted to do all along! It’s the best “health educator” that I could ever be!

WHAT I DO . . .

As an integrative fitness coach, I work on three components (the trifecta) of my clients fitness goals which usually include weight loss:

Physical aspect in the gym (I am an AFAA-certified personal trainer)

Nutritional aspect (I am a former university professor in nutrition, plus a Certified Weight Loss Coach)

Mindset aspect (I am a Certified Life Coach. I coach my clients to examine attitudes and personal beliefs (aka mindset) which are holding them back from being successful in attaining their goals. This is the magic sauce! This is what makes the nutrition and training plans ultra-effective in creating long lasting life changes. And that’s what my clients want . . . .changes that are permanent, new ways of living.)

I have clients both locally (Scottsdale AZ) and online. My package includes a

personalized training and nutrition plan, and weekly personal coaching calls."

Contact info. FB Delores Garcia Coaching

IG delores.garcia.1216

Text 915-731-9147


Here are the images from her #lajefaseries shoot

And because her fitness shoot is so fitting with her brand, we decided to include those images as well. Not to mention they are GORGEOUS photos!!! So here you go!! 


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