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March 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Happy International Women's Day!!!!! (march 8)

I figure today would be the best day to blog about my new project featuring amazing women!!!

I have started a new portrait series called #LaJefaSeries and it's amazing!!!

It celebrates boss babes!!! Duh! I LOVE being a girl boss. It takes a lot of hard work and courage and tenacity to be a girl boss. I think all boss babes should be celebrated so I have have started this Jefa series to help with that. Basically I take your girl boss portrait (at more than half off my regular portrait price, that's how excited I am about this project) and we have so much fun, and you're the center of the show, and you get new photos for your website, your brand, your social media, yourself, or whatever you need it for. PLUS I will feature you on my social media! I can tag your business and tell your story. (it'll be like your 15 minutes of fame). It'll be so much fun!!

I am super excited!!!! So shoot me an email and let's get this #LaJefaSeries going!!!



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