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New and Improved!

August 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

New Look !

Que fancy right?! Well I recently went to an amazing workshop and learned a load of information. I learned that my brand did not properly describe my personality and who I really am. So here it is!

I am fun and enthusiastic and vibrant and fearless and powerful and I love to take charge. And I use all of those traits on my photo shoots. I will guarantee fun and laughter and direction at my shoots. You will leave laughing and feeling great!

I wanted a creative logo that no one else had and was fun and was something that I loved. There are definitely trends right now in the photography industry and I wanted to stay away from that and do something that is totally me. I have a henna tattoo (a real one) that I love so I incorporated into my logo along with a fun (yet still professional) font and of course I had to make it purple, but I went with a more grown up shade of purple.

I also learned a lot about shooting and editing and just photography over all. An easy way to describe it to other people is this is how photographers go to college. We go to workshops and I attended one of the best in the country. It was amazing, and surreal getting to meet someone I have looked up to for forever. I met some amazing lady bosses and made great friends with them (we still chat on the weekly).

Because of this great opportunity (and getting my "college degree"), I am confident to raise my prices and offer better packages and a better product overall. You are going to get AH-mazing images when we work together. Images that you will just stare at forever. Not only that, we are going to have so much fun working together!! I am a ton of fun and I heard that I am contagious! We are always laughing and having a blast at my photo shoots. So. Much. Fun.

I love what I do and I like to think that it shows in my work.

Here are some images from the workshop that I attended (which was in beautiful Vail, Colorado at a gorgeous air bnb).

These are some portraits that I took of our queen, as we called her. Our beautiful workshop host, Andria Lindquist. She was amazing. Everything that I expected and then some! I learned so much from her. She was funny and knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. She wasn't arrogant at all and treated me like a human, she even laughed at my stupid jokes. I had such a wonderful experience and I will never forget my time with her and all the lovely lady bosses that I met.

  I am still on cloud 9 but also very very ready for this new look and new way of thinking and running my business. I can't wait to meet you al and work with you and laugh with you and create beautiful gorgeous images for you to cherish forever.



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