Under Pressure

May 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey all!! So I was talking with a friend the other day and she just inspired me to write a blog! Yay!! Here goes!

I feel like most of my photography career I was peer pressured to fit a certain mold or shape. I HAD to offer packages, I HAD to charge per hour hour, I HAD to charge outrageous amounts for digitals, and I was never happy and my clients were never happy. I had a good one on one talk with my mentor who dived deep into my business and really analyzed it and heard me and what I wanted and what I hated that I was doing, what I was feeling pressured to do, and she said the best thing ever to me. She told me that my photography business was my business and I can do whatever I want with it. That I can make whatever packages and prices and hours that I want. She told me to also shoot what I wanted and soon my clients would start wanting what I want in images, and you know? That is exactly what happened. I completely stripped all my social media and and website of everything I didn't like. I only put up images that I was deeply in love with. I trashed all of my packages. Now I offer only what I want I want, I offer unlimited digital images, unlimited hours, I got rid of prints, I only offer albums, I shoot images that I want, places I want, I have more control of the wedding day timeline to ensure beautiful light and plenty of time for the most amazing wedding portraits ever. And because I completely took control of my business and I started doing what I want, people started wanting to work with me more and wanting what I wanted!! What my mentor said to me was true! The year after I "cleansed" I booked more weddings than ever!!! It was amazing. What's the phrase the kids are saying these days? "I am living my best life" I am still can't believe that I am doing exactly what I love and what I want and I am getting paid for it! And my clients are loving their images so much!! And because I feel comfortable and free to shoot what I want, then that gives me the freedom to put my heart and passion into their wedding images and then I can produce my absolute best images!!! It's a win win! I am loving what I am shooting and producing and my clients are loving their images! Last year, I had a wedding where the bride and groom gave me TONS of time and absolute complete freedom on locations and it ended up being one of my all time favorite weddings, and they completely LOVED all their images. I am still seeing both of them posting wedding pictures on their social media still almost a year later.

This wedding, that I am blogging today, I LOVED!!! This was another couple that gave me all kinds of freedom and I had such a blast with them. The couple was so much fun and I vibed with them so well. The bride is still my home girl and I don't plan on letting go of her, she's a tacos before vatos type of chick. Their wedding day pumped the best 90's hip hop, their flower girl was a dog, they took a portrait with a turtle, I mean what more can you ask for?

Thanks to Gabbi at 150 Sunset for putting on such a beautiful wedding to go along with all the hilarious fun! Congrats to Brittany and Tyler for getting married and picking me as your photographer and becoming some of my favorite humans! 

Also, side note for potential couples, if you choose me as your wedding photographer, expect to become my friend because I end up falling in love with all my couples because you guys are the coolest people on the planet!



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