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My best friend married a European!!!

January 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have 4 best friends. They are all very special to me in different ways and they have all been there for me at different times. And I love them all with all of my heart.

ONE of them got married last year!!!

And I was blessed enough to to not only be there for her in that beautiful moment of her life but also to take pictures for her. A few years ago she got her doctorate and moved halfway across globe. I was so proud of her and also so afraid she would fall in love with a European and never come back. Well she did fall in love with a European BUT she instead of staying there she came home with him!! Yayyyyy!!!

They had a small ceremony in Phoenix with a few close friends and family. Her twin brother performed the ceremony and it was so emotional and wonderful!!! Then we all sat down and had a romantic dinner by candlelight. It was so gorgeous!!! 

I am super protective of my friends. Super protective. I met her husband over skype but of course it's not the same so I was nervous to meet him in person and not like him and it is only 2 days before she marries him. Buuuuuut I absolutely loved him!!! He is so perfect for her in every way. I especially love the way he is always caring for her and loving her and taking care of her. She needs a tissue, boom he's got it. She needs a water, boom he's got it. She needs late night whataburger, boom he's got it (okay maybe that last one was for the bridesmaids but hey we loved that he got us all late night food yayyy!)

I am just happy that she found the most perfect person possible for her. 

Congratulations again to Krista and Milos! Cheers!!


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