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Daniela // La Jefa Series

January 30, 2018  •  1 Comment

Yes!!! I am still doing my La Jefa Series!! I love this little side project I have it. I will continually do it forever. Why? Because girl bosses are amazing!! I think it is the most awesome thing to see a girl chase her dream and blindly jump into something that is all her own and run that thing all by herself. Yes! That is beautiful! I want to photograph that! Whether she has her own line of jewelry, or she has a bakery and she is covered in flour AND receiving orders herself, or she's a seamstress with her own line of clothing, I want to photograph and support and show love to all these talented women!! Send me all of your girl bosses, I want to network with all of them!!

This session, she happens to do what I do. She's a photographer! She is actually just getting her brand off the ground. She's a baby girl boss but those can be the most determined, the most passionate, because they're still fighting to make it and to prove themselves and that kind of passion is incomparable!!! 

Daniela loved photography from a young age. She would line up her dolls and take photographs of them. As she got older she got a digital point and shoot camera, then the phones with cameras took over and slowly she started drifting away from photography. When it came time to go to college and pick a major and a career, she didn't think photography was an option. Like most of us, we are told art can't make us money. It can't be a "career." We are told we need to get a "real job." So she went on to work on a multidisciplinary degree. Last year, her husband, knowing she loved photography when she was younger, gifted her with a dslr camera! A REAL CAMERA! Her heart fell hard. She was in love all over again. She was reminded of the beauty of capturing images. She spent the next 6 months photographing her dogs, taking a photography class, and soaking in all the youtube videos that she could. She has since launched her business, Pinciotti Photography, and is confident in her work and talent and has developed quite a clientele list that love and adore her work. She can be found on facebook and instagram under her business name and the link to her website can be found on either of those accounts.

I love this girl and I'm so happy she was brave enough to finally follow her dream and passion. It can be a scary thing and she's doing a great job!!!



Gorgeous pictures!! I LOVE that you see this as a way to promote other women, even other photographers, instead of getting worried about “the competition.” That’s why you’re an awesome jefa too ❤️
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