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Heels and Bow Ties

May 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Getting married is such a magical time in your life. You're in love, your favorite people are coming together to celebrate you, you get to wear a white dress, and pick out flowers.        


I feel like a lot of people forget about that magic when it comes to the engagement photos.

These photos are just as magical!! It's a preliminary step to your big beautiful day. You get to dress up and cuddle with your love. These photos can be used for the wedding, save the dates, invitations, moms, walls, etc.

Feel free to dress up!! Wear a fancy dress, and a tie, heels and lipstick. You can wear jeans and sneakers any other day of the year. You only take engagement pictures once in your lifetime!!!! 

I encourage you to go all out with engagement pictures! Wear a formal dress, or a sexy dress, or even a two piece formal dress (which is super popular right now). Guys, wear a bow tie and some black and white oxfords. Get fancy!

And you can get creative with locations too. It doesn't have to be a park. It could be a record store, your favorite winery, a laundromat, a library. Anywhere that might be creative, or sentimental. Maybe where you met, or had your first date, or fell in love, or proposed, or maybe you just really like donuts and you want to have your shoot at krispy kreme's. Totally up to you, just make it all about you!!!

I had so much fun shooting this session. They dressed fabulously, and we went to all kinds of fun locations. We used sparklers and glitter and smoke bombs. I seriously had so so so much fun and I can't wait for more engagement sessions like this!!


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