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Energy by Nanea #LaJefaSeries

November 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The #LaJefaSeries continues!!!

Meet Nanea!!

She is just a big ball of energy so it totally makes sense that she named her workout business Energy!!

Nanea has always been into working out and training and was actually teaching a spin class at a studio when the studio closed. She decided to purchase those bikes and start her own business. In the summer of 2015, she set up those bikes in her garage and started teaching spin to a few moms she knew from her kids' school and slowly her business started to grow and the word spread and more people became interested in her classes. She also started teaching a boot camp class at the same time. She even teaches kids boot camp classes during the summer to help keep kids active during those lazy summer months.

She really loves what she does, and she gets so excited when she sees people in her classes grow and become stronger and healthier. 

Nanea says "Above all, I believe in the power of positive energy and smiling when you sometimes don't feel like it, helping people you may not know, and loving your imperfections because we are all imperfect and deserve a life with a little less judgement and stress."

She is in the process of opening her own studio on the west side of El Paso. 

I personally take Nanea's spin and boot camp classes 4 times a week and I have lost 10 pounds and feel great and healthy and energetic. She also helps with diet and nutrition giving great ideas and guidelines. But the main reason her program works is because of HER!!! She is encouraging and positive and fun and, well, energetic!! I have come to love Nanea and if you try her classes you will see too, how special she is and how passionate she is. She is unlike any other!

You can find her on facebook and instagram under Energy Spin and Boot Camp by Nanea.


Now enjoy these super fun images from her girl boss photo shoot!


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