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To have, To hold, and To keep your beer cold

October 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I haven't blogged in 2 months!! Time flies during wedding season I guess. I have so much to show you guys!! Not only that, but I still have 4 weddings coming up that I am so super excited about. But for now I will catch you guys up with what I have been shooting over the summer.

First up, I kicked off my wedding season back in May with the super fun Corral wedding!

Amber and Manny hired me because of the amazing Instagram! (yay! I am so grateful for social media and how much it helps small businesses)

I was laying in bed one night with my husband surfing said Instagram and I showed him my newest bride, and he said all casual "oh I know her....and her groom." It didn't surprise, my husband knows everyone!!

Amber and I totally hit it off. Anytime we met, we talked for hours. Fifteen minute meetings turned into 2 hour talks. We have even gone out dancing (which we should do again Amber!...just saying). I love that my brides all become my friends.

Their wedding was super unique. It was outside of town, in a bull riding type of arena. The groom's grandfather rode a horse and put on a really neat show with other horse riders and there was a guy with a lasso doing tricks and girls in traditional Mexican ranch dresses on horses all riding in sync. (by the way I am totally butchering the lingo and wordage but the entertainment part of the evening with the horses was so amazing and fun!) 

There was also mariachis and a donut truck and a taco buffet. It was a ton of fun!! Plus the most magical sunset ever. Seriously might be one of my most favorite weddings. 

And now I am FINALLY getting to blog it!!! Yay!!!! So enjoy!!!! 



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