Sara Liz Photography | "I promise to love you as you are and not who I want you to be"

"I promise to love you as you are and not who I want you to be"

January 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Victoria and I sent a millions emails and messages and texts before we finally met...which was the day before she got married!!

She lives out of town and planned everything over emails. I was super impressed. When we finally met, I totally fell in love with her!! She was so adorable. I love having fun with my brides and really getting along with them. My job is pretty awesome, not going to lie.

Victoria and Matt eloped at the beautiful Ascarate Lake. They wrote their vows on Texas postcards. Since neither of them are from here (or live here really, Matt was only stationed here for a short while) they wanted to have their vows on something "Texas" to keep forever...which of course I loved because I am super proud to be from Texas. During their vows, Victoria said something that stuck. She promised to love Matt as he is and not how she wants him to be. I think I will take that with me forever.

After their ceremony, they ran around town to turn in paperwork (not super romantic but necessary when you're only in town the day of your wedding). In the evening we reunited at a winery for some formal portraits at sunset. We took a bajillion photos and laughed and had a blast!! When I finally left them, they were curled up in Aztec blankets underneath some Christmas lights sippin' on wine and just being the cutest couple I have ever seen. 

I love serendipity. Victoria and Matt finding me was so serendipitous. I mean, of course, Victoria and Matt finding each other. Ya, that's what I meant.


 Special thanks to Sombra Antigua Vineyard for letting us frolic all over their beautiful property!!!

And thank you to Laura Carrillo for the beautiful bouquet.


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