Sara Liz Photography | Electricity!!!


May 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am at the happiest place in my life in my life right now. Which also means I am the most inspired right now. The most I have ever been. It is so exhilarating. Everything I look at gives me ideas, or excites me, or makes me want to pick up my camera. Creativity is just flowing through me right now like electricity. It is such an amazing feeling. I can't stop. And I also feel so empowered with everything I have been shooting lately, like there are no rules and I don't need approval, and whatever I shoot is going to be the new standard of beauty. It is so incredible! Letting go of all the stress and fear of pleasing everyone has brought out something wondrous in me. I am shooting with more realness than ever before. And people are appreciating my work more and I am getting more attention and getting hired more. I am hearing less "We saw this on pinterest" and more "Whatever you want to do." It feels so magnificent, so powerful, so free, so creative, it is absolutely enchanting. I have been captivated by photography all over again. 


This lovely couple is getting married in the fall and despite a chilly windy evening, they completely rocked their engagement session. So much love!!!





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